Will The Warriors Be This Year’s Champs?

Golden State Warriors: A Closer Look This Season

I’m calling it as early as now—the Golden State Warriors are not going to be NBA Champs this season. Sorry, folks. Maybe next season or the season after that, but not this season. Now, before you get worked up and start accusing me of heresy, I want it to be clear that I’m actually a huge Warriors fan who is just seeing the forest instead of the trees. What I mean by this is that, while the Warriors are strong contenders on paper, we should be cautious not to overestimate ourselves. We have yet to see how the Durant is going to mesh with an already-established core group during the season, so excuse me if I’m not going to be like other fans who expect a championship even before the Warriors can play a single regular season game. C’mon, where’s the fun in that?

There’s another reason why it seems too soon to celebrate. Remember what happened to Miami in 2010? LeBron James and Chris Bosh teamed up with Dwayne Wade, but their trio came up short in the finals. You’d think fans would have learned from that experience, but hey, admittedly, that happened more than five years ago—can you believe how fast time has passed? Anyway, I’m just putting out the possibility that the same scenario can play out for Durant and the Splash Brothers.

Don’t get me wrong—I liked what I saw in the Warriors during the preseason. Their win over Portland gave fans a glimpse of what they wanted to see—extraordinary talent of different players coming together. More than anything, I’m excited to see how the Warriors will grow as a team. I’m with Coach Steve Kerr when he said that the Warriors are only a few weeks into this thing, so we haven’t really seen anything yet.

But hey, if they prove me wrong and end up snatching the championship from the clutches of LeBron James, then it’s all good to me.



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