The Wait Is Over for NBA 2016-2017 Season

Top NBA Storylines This 2016-2017 Season

Finally, the long wait is over!

Last season had been pretty historic in a number of ways; LeBron James did good on his promise to bring home a ring for Cleveland, while the Golden State Warriors broke the Chicago Bulls’ record of 72 wins. This season, it seems like all eyes will be on Kevin Durant and the rest of the Warriors who had formed a super team, but it’s not all about the Dubs and Cavs; here are other interesting stories to follow this season:

Dwayne Wade and the Chicago Bulls

Probably the second biggest storyline after Durant’s move to Golden State, Dwayne Wade suiting up for the Chicago Bulls is seen to kick-start a new era for the drama-prone team. If you recall, the Bulls had experienced some locker room drama—Derrick Rose and his contract situation, Pau Gasol and Coach Fred Hoiberg butting heads, and Joakim Noah’s alleged minutes restriction, among other things. With Dwayne Wade coming in, the Chicago Bulls have a pretty decent chance of bolstering their standing in the Eastern Conference. Let’s hope he didn’t throw away his 13-year legacy at Miami for nothing.

Russell Westbrook’s Revenge

When Durant left Oklahoma—and for Golden State no less—who wasn’t talking about it on social media? Well, Russell Westbrook, that’s for sure. OKC’s star point guard had even admitted that he hasn’t talked to Durant since the latter’s decision, which should clue you in on what could happen this season—revenge! While I’m a huge Warriors fan, I’m nevertheless excited to see what will become of OKC with Westbrook leading the pack. You can bet for sure that when the two former teammates meet on court, everyone, even non-Warriors and OKC fans, will be camping on social media.

Are you excited yet? I know I am!

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