Playoff Injuries

This next post should have been seen coming from a mile away, the past twenty four hours in the N.B.A has been heart break all around and mostly in California. We will first discuss the Warriors, who seemed they may have dodged a bullet when Stephen Curry returned so quickly from his ankle injury. Warrior fans know what a heart ache it has been with Steph Curry and his ankles. People forget that just over two years ago Stephen Curry was not even an MVP candidate, in fact he was not even top five at his own position. The main reason for this was because of his ankles and he could not stay healthy. This loss is huge for the Warriors, they still have the potential to win this round and the next round. But if I were them I would be very scared of the Trail Blazers, the Trail Blazers completely demolished them at home earlier in the season with Steph Curry and they are a quick and energetic team with C.J Mccollum and Damien Lillard leading the way. But the Spurs (if the Warriors are lucky to get that far will provide a huge threat to the Warriors). Next we have to talk about the L.A Clippers, a team that has had suck bad luck over the course of their tenure in L.A it almost comes as no surprise that they would loose their two best players in a matter of twenty four hours. With Chris Paul and Blake Griffin both getting injured and most likely being out for the rest of the playoffs. This is such a hard break for the Clippers, who were looking at facing the Warriors with out Steph Curry and most likely the Spurs in the next round. While they would have been huge underdogs in that series, anything can happen. My heart goes out to all the Clipper fans out there.

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