Chris Paul’s Laser-like Performance after LASIK Surgery

Chris Paul is Now a Huge LASIK Fan

Chris Paul wants to let us in on a secret.

He has had bad eyesight since 2005, when he entered the NBA. At times, he had to memorize the eye chart at the Clippers’ medical facility just to pass his physical exams. Yet, he has led his team to six playoff appearances, played in nine All-Star Games, and led the league in assists and steals multiple times.

He did all of those with bad eyes.

His father and brother both got LASIK surgery as he was starting his NBA career, and both swear by the results. In contrast, Paul, who claims he is a bit of a hypochondriac, avoided the procedure altogether. It came to a point when Doc Rivers had to call him out for squinting during timeouts. But for him, as long as he could see where the rim was, all was good.

It took his mother to convince him to go to a LASIK specialist. At first, he was afraid and petrified at the prospect of a laser cutting his cornea, but his good friends LeBron James and Dwyane Wade, who both went through the same procedure, assured him that everything would be fine.

For the weeks following the surgery, he was anxious about what his eyes had gone through, calling the doctor whenever he felt something was off. After recovering, though, he is now an advocate of LASIK, and even helped Paul George through his own recovery.

Now, everyone can see and feel the effects. Chris Paul now shoots more from the outside, converting 2.2 treys out of 5.3 attempts for a per-game average of 41.5%, more than he has ever averaged in his career. He is also rebounding better, grabbing 5.2 rebounds, his highest average since the 2008-09 season.

Because of this, I feel the Clippers are a legitimate threat in the Western Conference. And we all have medical lasers to thank.



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