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As a long-time sports fan, I developed the habit of regularly checking the news for the latest updates on my favorite teams. Whether it’s reading the Sports section of the dailies or checking out news sites on the Internet, not a day goes by that I don’t check the news to get the latest updates. I find professional athletes fascinating. They are public figures in their own way, and they get to inspire tens of thousands of fans, especially the young ones. With that said, this Steven Rindner Sports site has a page solely dedicated to sports news and events.

Below are a few news items that you might find interesting.

49ers Trade Long-time TE Vernon Davis to Denver Broncos

A couple of years ago, no one would’ve seen this coming. But recently, talk about a trade between the San Francisco 49ers and Denver Broncos were heating up on the rumor mill. While a lot of Davis’ fans were hoping that this was all just talk, the trade did indeed happen.

In the early days of November, the announcement was made official through several news sources, from online to print media. Arguably, the Denver Broncos is the team to beat these days, owing to the fact that upon the announcement, they just celebrated a 29-10 victory over the Green Bay Packers. Although Vernon Davis will be given a better shot at playing for a winning team, fans were nevertheless saddened by his departure from the team that he’s played for over the past ten years. Here’s hoping that Davis will once again get to play for a championship.

Curry Scores 30 in Route to a 4-0 Record

2015 NBA Most Valuable Player and three-time NBA All-Star Stephen Curry led his team to a 4-0 record victory over the Los Angeles Clippers in November, with 28 points and 7 assists. The Warriors held the game from start to finish, building a 25-point lead by the second quarter, and finishing off with a score of 121 over the Clippers’ 104.

Fans were in high spirits early on in the game, seeing how Curry and his teammates seemed to have control of the game from the onset. The Warriors look to be strong contenders again this year, and from the looks of the way they dominate games with their superb team chemistry, Golden State fans are in for a fun season.

Raiders Get Much-needed Win

If last year’s games are any indication, then the Oakland Raiders could be well on their way up again. After suffering from heartbreaking losses for decades, it seems that the Raiders are finally rid of their losing streak. Thanks, in large part, to their new head coach former professional linebacker, Jack Del Rio.

The most talked about victory these days is the Raiders’ win over the New York Jets. Scoring 34-20, the Raiders have shown everyone that they’re not done, yet. With both the New York Jets and the Raiders now at 4-3, this win could serve them well in terms of playoff tiebreakers.