Steven Rindner Sports: NBA Playoffs

March-June is my favorite time of the year, and the reason is simple….I love basketball! March Madness was the best tournament I have seen in years…if not ever. The amount of game winning shots and watching teams have their dreams come true and some times get heartbreak that does not seem fair for a team of kids to endure. In case you have been living under a rock the past couple of months I will include a the shot heard around the world and that people will ask “where were you at” when that happened. Here is a good highlight of it that gives you some context leading up to the shot So it might have come to quite a disappointment to some when the first game of the first round of the NBA playoffs had the biggest blow outs in the history of the league. I think what people tend to forget that these are professional players who knows one game does not decide a series and a season. So it should come as no shock that Dallas was able to squeak out a game against Oklahoma City (even though it took Kevin Durant missing the most shots of any players in N.B.A history for this to happen) and Houston Squeaking out a game against The Golden State Warriors (even though it took Stephen Curry being out of the game, Klay Thompson missing all seven of his three point attempts and Draymond Green committing seven turnovers as well as a horrible foul at the end of the game). The point is that I think people were too quick to judge the status of the N.B.A playoffs and these games prove that anything can happen. At the very least it is setting up what could be the most exciting second round of the playoffs the N.B.A has ever seen and I am so excited to see what unfolds.

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