Steven Rindner: About Me

Hi, all! My name is Steven Rindner and I am a senior at San Francisco State University taking up Journalism. Once I complete my bachelor’s degree, I hope to become a sports reporter or broadcaster. I have always been passionate about sports. Back in high school, I played Running Back for our team and I am proud to say that we took home a championship trophy during my time.

With graduation just a couple of months away, I decided to get a head start on my career by creating a website solely dedicated to reporting and discussing sports. And since I currently live in San Francisco, my focus will be on Bay Area sports news.

So on this blog, you can expect to read all about:

  • NBA: Golden State Warriors
  • NHL: San Jose Sharks
  • MLB: San Francisco Giants and Oakland Athletics
  • NFL: San Francisco 49ers and Oakland Raiders

Oh, and I will also give you news and updates on the Sacramento Kings.

Where do I see this site a year from now?

This site is my first official attempt at public sports reporting. Although I’ve discussed sports with my college buddies and even my family whenever I go home to visit them, I have never really shared much of what I know or voiced my opinion in a public forum. I know that if I were to become an effective reporter or broadcaster, I need to learn how to interact with the public; thus came about this website.

A year from now, I hope to see this site as THE go-to online resource for all things sports. Maybe it’s a shot in the dark, given that I only have a year to accomplish my goal, but it’s something that I am aiming for and I will do my best to see it come true.

With that said, I would greatly appreciate it if you can give me suggestions as to how to make this site interesting and entertaining to netizens. Your inputs will be valuable to me.

Please bear with me as I finalize my contact details. Once my contact information is available, I will let you know. For the meantime, you can get in touch with me through this website.

I invite you to you check out the rest of the site, and enjoy some of the posts I’ve already uploaded here.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about me. I’m looking forward to seeing you again here soon!