Steven Rindner Talks Sports

Welcome to my site! My name is Steven Rindner and I am a huge sports fan, and while I appreciate a lot of other sports, I’m pretty big on football. There are a lot of things about playing, or in my case, watching, sports that fascinate me, but the one thing that really piques my interest is team dynamics, and how each player accepts their role to make the team better—a sum that’s greater than its individual parts. Admittedly, victories are a huge manifestation of how each player on the field—or court—performs together as a team. But sometimes, it’s not just victories that make for a great team. I find that dedication, passion, and chemistry are what truly make a great team.

In the world of professional sports, trading players with other teams is a common practice. Unfortunately, this usually happens when team management feels that a certain player is no longer an asset to the team, or to make it less hurtful, a player has better chances of performing at their peak with another team.

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Take for instance the recent trade between the Denver Broncos and San Francisco 49ers where 49ers Tight End Vernon Davis was traded to Denver. Before the trade was officially made, rumors have been circulating that a trade for Davis was in the offing. Davis was naturally affected by the whole thing—he has been with the 49ers for ten years after all.

Davis played in three NFC championship games for his team, and he is considered as the most prolific Tight End in 49ers history, so one can only wonder why the trade was even considered in the first place.

When the trade was only in the rumor mill, Davis actually took to Twitter to express his feelings saying that he has been a Niner for ten years and it’s the only thing he knows. But at the end of the day, he realizes, it’s still a business, and “sometimes things happen.”

When the trade was finally announced, Davis once again took to Twitter to thank his teammates, coaches, and staff. He also added that it has been an amazing ten years.

Well, look at it this way, Davis. Now you have better chances of playing with a winning team. I’ve always liked the 49ers because of you, and although I will miss seeing you play with the team, I can’t wait to see what you have in store for all of your fans now that you’re with Denver.

Best of luck, Davis!